100 Day of Lovingkindness

Written by Ethan Engel on . Posted in Ethan's Garden

mettaI just found a wonderful Google+ group called 100 Days of Lovingkindness about taking lovingkindness practice into daily life. Started on April 12, the period is broken into four: 25 days of cultivating lovingkindness, 25 days of cultivating compassion, 25 days of cultivating appreciation, and 25 days of cultivating love with insight (also known as equanimity). These practices are known as the “Brahmavihāras” (Divine Abodes), or the Immeasurables (apramāṇa). Lovingkindness is the basis of the other three, which are the encounter of love with suffering, joy and goodness, and awareness of reality.

To honor a commitment to daily lovingkindness practice, I'm begining a five minute seated practice. It’s not helpful, and completely contrary to the spirit of metta, to be rigid with ourselves. Although some kind of commitment to practice is vital, the attitude with which we do that practice is vital. It must be kind, patient, and forgiving!

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